Crafty Lumberjacks get Christmas crazy

If you don’t know who the Crafty Lumberjacks are, grab your jingle bells because we’re going for a slaaaay ride with these guys.

Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza are the awesome fellas behind the “Crafty Lumberjacks” brand. To be frank: they are among the coolest people I stalk follow on social media.

They are fun, happy, full of laughs and, obviously, crafty (pardon the expression) af.

While H*lloween is a big deal for them, they also go crazy for Christmas – literally, it seems, turning their NYC apartment into a winter wonderland overnight.

These guys have been on a number of national shows, including “The Chew” (RIP!) and “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.”

And they regularly share some amazing crafty projects, like this cool as heck Christmas tree board.

Check out their website for many archived projects they’ve done for past holiday seasons.

And one thing you’ll see if you follow them, they love their Cricut Maker.

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