Duke the Halls: A Cup of Corporate Cheer

The author's Christmas tree mug waiting to make its debut on Nov. 1. 

The author’s Christmas tree mug waiting to make its debut on Nov. 1.

It’s a few days from November and I can’t wait. I love the time of year September through December, but November and December are my most favorite. Why? Because on November 1, I start decorating for Christmas!

In my family, we have always made it a point to decorate before Thanksgiving so that after the bird is cooked, the Macy’s Parade has passed by, and that last piece of pumpkin pie has been eaten we can start the Christmas season ready! There’s not enough time to decorate to the extent I do and participate in all the Christmas activities I want to do as well.

One of the first things I do to switch over to holiday mode? Change my coffee cup at work. I know – it sounds small but it helps put me in the Christmas mood all day. I regularly change my coffee cup out every few months – something more generic the rest of the year, maybe something summery for June through August.

But come November 1, it’s time for Christmas trees. I did not become a certified Christmas elf, spreading Christmas cheer everywhere I go, by waiting until December to bring out the Christmas cheer. I look forward to that day because it means the holiday season is upon us! It means warm memories, the music, and feeling in the air that comes with the holidays is almost here! I truly feel there is something magical about those two months. And the subtle change of a coffee cup for some corporate cheer is one way it signifies the start of it for me.

So I’m counting down to November 1. It’s almost here and I am ready. My mug is washed. It’s in place to come to work with me. I won’t forget it. And that Starbucks one I’ve been using since July? It deserves a break.

Have a similar special little tradition to get you in the holiday spirit? Email Duke and the other Elves at elves@itsChristmas365.com. Read more holiday posts from Duke.

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