Will there be a Point State Park tree?

Duquesne Light and Point State Park leaders last year said we’d see another tree at Pittsburgh’s confluence for 2021.

That news came after Duquesne Light and Point State Park officials had somewhat of a public difference of opinion on the massive tree that lights up near the confluence of Pittsburgh’s three rivers.

In a Dec. 8, 2020, interview with Pittsburgh Magazine, park manager Jacob Weiland said the 80-foot tree violated park practices that seek to highlight and protect the historical significance of Point State Park.

In the same story, Pittsburgh Magazine said the park asked Duquesne Light to move the tree closer to the city. But the privately-owned power company declined, saying they thought “moving the tree would diminish its appeal and cause it to be overshadowed in closer proximity to Downtown.”

But days before Christmas 2020, Point State Park leaders and Duquesne Light officials released a joint statement saying they’d work together to find a solution to keep the tree there.

So, far, there has been no mention of what the two came up with for 2021.

The tree has been a holiday focal point since 1988.


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