This could be the first all-Christmas radio station for 2021!

If you live in or around this U.S. city, you are in luck! One radio station has already flipped to Christmas music!

A radio station in Spokane, Oregon, moved to an all-Christmas format following a sale, reports.

The station is stunting as All Christmas 104.5 through the end of the year before unveiling a new identity. Christmas music began in mid-October.

On their website — — the station says: “Tired of the same 10 Christmas songs over and over and over? We play all kinds of Christmas music from the classics to brand new Christmas songs released this year. Better variety means you can listen longer. We hope you enjoy!”

Unfortunately, it seems there’s no way to listen to the station online. So, if you’re in Spokane, let us know what their playlist is like.


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