‘Believe in the wonder’ at Macy’s windows

Macy’s in Herald Square, New York City, recently unveiled its holiday season windows.

Following the theme of “Believe in the Wonder,” the windows offer neon and chrome, and even include a a window with a dog’s nose sticking out that viewers can touch!

“We are Christmas,” said national Macy’s windows director Roya Sullivan said, WCBS Radio reported. “And it’s really how Santa is in all our hearts during the holiday season. So believe in that wonder. Believe in that giving. And that’s what we portrayed in the windows,” she said.

The windows take all year to design and build. In fact, just days after unveiling the windows in NYC, the team began thinking about Macy’s 2020 windows.

There are six windows that are available to view until Jan. 1.

Learn more about the windows here. And visit Macy’s Santaland!


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