Remembering the Sears Wish Book

For decades, many kids eagerly browsed through Sears’ Wish Book, seeking out the items they most wanted to see under their tree on Christmas morning.

The catalog first appeared in 1933, offering a glimpse of the best-selling items Sears had to offer.

Of course, it offered more than toys. The Wish Book consisted of popular gift ideas and other products for the home.

As the years went on, the size of the catalog grew, reaching 600-plus pages in the 1960s.

In 1990, the Wish Book offered 728 pages. The publication highlighted some of the items that are very ’90s.

But later in the ’90s, Sears discounted printing its Big Book catalog. And, in turn, the Wish Book also began to dwindle.

The most recent Wish Book I found evidence of is a digital version from 2017.

Sears printed the catalog from 1933 to 2011, and then again printed it in 2017, according to Business Insider.

As a child, I remember sitting with my grandma circling items that I wanted, and getting excited when Santa came through!

I recently picked up Target’s toy catalog. While it pales in comparison to the Wish Book of my childhood, it’s still great to see kids have a catalog to thumb through — and that kids still want toys beyond iPads and iPhones!

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