Review: ‘A Merry Christmas Match’

She runs her late dad’s antique shop in a small ski village.

He’s a real estate mogul and LA’s hottest holiday bachelor.

Bring them together in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ first Christmas movie of 2019 – “A Merry Christmas Match” – and what do you get? (I think you know the answer to this.)

Ashley Newbrough stars as Corey, a woman who’s pushed her big dreams aside to keep the town of Harmony’s arts center and her dad’s shop ticking. But when LA’s “Christmas Crush” Ryder Donnelly (Kyle Dean Massey) rolls into her small town, Corey begins to wonder what else she can accomplish.

Corey’s BFF Jillian (Lindsey Gort) is a popular TV actress and is home in Harmony for a few weeks before the holiday. Her budding love interest Davey (John DeLuca) and his BFF Ryder Donnelly join her for a weekend of skiing.

Corey and Jillian share a conversation over frozen hot chocolates about how they were supposed to be doing LA together, but Corey decided to stay back in her town.

“Is there a single man left in this sleepy little tinsel town?” Jillian says.

Corey says she’ll find a man, but… “If he doesn’t want to come to our perfect little winter wonderland and find me, that’s on him.”

Back in the antique shop, Corey’s mom is reading a story about Jillian being LA’s hottest holiday bachelorette and … guess what … sees Ryder as the hottest bachelor. She tries getting Corey to acknowledge Ryder’s photo, but Jillian is too enthralled with a vintage tree topper!

And, of course … Ryder, who naturally has an interest in antiques, stops into Corey’s shop upon arriving into town, and fumbles his way through buying a clock (that isn’t even for sale!).

I won’t give the rest of this story away, but the genuine connection between Corey and Ryder had me cheering for the two from the moment they met.

This story takes a little different twist on most Hallmark Christmas movies at the end (it’s not noticeable unless you watch a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies like I do).

Give this movie a watch this holiday season!

This was the first of 40 new movies this year! Check out this link to see how you can watch all of them!

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