photo by ginnerobot / Flickr

Only 364 days to go

Christmas night always is filled with mixed emotions as it begins the end of the holiday season. Though I’ll openly celebrate through mid-January (when the tree comes down), much of the pizazz begins to simmer now. The TV shows slowly end, the radio stations go back to their regular programming. And a neighbor likely will have his decorations down by noon Dec. 26.

Last Christmas I was introduced to Brad Paisley’s “364 Days to Go.” It’s a great song to remember to cherish every moment of the season before it ends.

Wrapping paper everywhere

Stacked up dishes, but who cares

They can wait until tomorrow now

It’s you and me, and this old couch

The Christmas tree in our living room

Fills the room with pine perfume

And colored lights dancing on the walls

While Nat King Cole sings “Deck The Halls”

Don’t you get the sense tonight

That for now the world is right

And as another Christmas ends

My mind drifts and once again

I’m thinking like a six year old

Only 364 days to go


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