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A cozy night with a fireplace, cup of hot chocolate, feet kicked up on the coffee table and holiday movies on the TV.

Watch these Christmas movies on streaming

Sometimes, we all need a break from wall-to-wall Hallmark Channel movies.

Take that break with one of these holiday-themed movies across streaming platforms.

  • “Falling for Christmas” with Lindsay Lohan (available now; Netflix)
  • “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol” (available now; Disney+)
  • “Christmas With You” (Nov. 17; Netflix)
  • “A Christmas Story Christmas” (Nov. 17; HBO Max)
  • “Spirited” (Nov. 18; Apple TV+)
  • “A Christmas Mystery” (Nov. 24; HBO Max)
  • “Holiday Harmony” (Nov. 24; HBO Max)
  • “The Guardian of the Galaxy Holiday Special” (Nov. 25; Disney+)
  • “A Hollywood Christmas” (Dec. 1; HBO Max)

And, when you want to go back to your favorite Hallmark movies, you can check out Hallmark Movies Now to stream those fa-la-la romcoms!

A cozy night with a fireplace, cup of hot chocolate, feet kicked up on the coffee table and holiday movies on the TV.

Where you can find ‘Christmas Vacation’ on TV, streaming

There’s no question that “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is a holiday season classic!

With streaming and an array of cable channels, where can you find this classic?

It’ll air on TNT, TBS and AMC this season, including a 24-hour marathon starting at 6 a.m. Nov. 27 on TNT! Find out more air times at ChristmasTVSchedule.com.

Plus, you can stream the movie on HBO Max and Amazon Prime.

5 facts about ‘Christmas Vacation’

  • “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is based on a short story — Christmas ’59” written by John Hughes. The story was published in 1980 for National Lampoon in December 1980. When Clark is pulling out a box of old movies from the attic, take note of the one paying homage to the story, labeled “Christmas ’59.”
  • “Christmas Vacation” has ties to “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The grandson — Frank Capra III — of the original Christmas classic’s director — Frank Capra — was an assistant director on “Christmas Vacation.”
  • “Christmas Vacation” director Jeremiah Chechik had never seen a “Vacation” series movie before directing “Christmas Vacation.” “I hadn’t seen the first two [Vacation movies], and so I wasn’t really influenced by anything other than the fact that it was a big—at the time—their big Christmas movie, and comedy,” he said in an interview.
  • The movie’s budget was kinda big — $27 million. For comparison, “Ghostbusters” had a budget of $30 million. And “Christmas Vacation” has no special effects like “Ghostbusters” did. But, the movie made it back and then some — grossing $70 million!
  • “Christmas Vacation” is the only “Vacation” series movie to get a sequel — “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure.” If you never heard of it, don’t worry. It was made for TV and holds a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.