Pittsburgh area towns appear in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies

If you watch Hallmark Channel holiday movies, there’s no doubt you’ve seen at least two Pittsburgh area small-town business districts.

Though they don’t appear long, the two boroughs serve as a quick backdrop (or b-roll). You’ll see split seconds of the two little business districts in between cuts of the main story.

Know what little business districts used?

Beaver and Sewickley!

Of course, those two boroughs aren’t the only local footage.

You’ll see the Horne’s tree, the PPG Place tree/ice rink and PPG Place buildings used as well!

And, at least in Sewickley, some of the footage looks more recent.

But don’t blink! You might miss it.

Original post from Dec. 2, 2018, below:

While watching a new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, I stumbled upon a very familiar townscape.

The little town of Sewickley, Pa., was used in a quick scene during “Mingle All the Way.”

And later, while watching “Christmas Cupid’s Arrow” on ION, I spotted the same view!

Pittsburgh is very familiar with being used as a backdrop in Hallmark movies.

I’ve spotted the PPG Place tree, Horne’s tree and the cute little town of Beaver.

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