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Pittsburgh’s 106th Christmas tree has a great glow up

Pittsburgh’s 106th Christmas tree sure has one great glow-up story.

On Nov. 13, city crews moved the massive blue spruce from Lincoln Place to the City-County Building on Grant Street ahead of Pittsburgh’s 2021 Light Up Night, which is planned for Nov. 20.

While the tree grew up and spent most of its growing life in Lincoln Place, it got its start Downtown.


The tree was one of two decorative trees that stood out front of the Pennsylvanian at Grant Street and Liberty Avenue, the city said. Following a holiday season then, Chris Fuga, who once worked at the Pennsylvanian, took the trees home.

Fuga planted both of the trees. Only one survived.

The city says the Fuga family decorated the tree every holiday season “until it became too big to continue decorating.”

Celebrate the tree’s official lighting on Nov. 20 at Light Up Night.