Let’s have a parade! Macy’s announces plans for modified 2020 Thanksgiving Day parade

Yes, there will be balloons. Though, Macy’s employees won’t be marching the balloons down the street. Specialized vehicles will be! But the magic of a miles-long parade will be condensed into one block at the Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square, the company announced Monday. The 94th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be broadcast from […]

South Carolina station goes Christmas

Haul out the holly… A South Carolina radio station has made the switch to Christmas music! “The response to ‘Christmas in July’ was overwhelmingly positive, so we decided to bring a little joy and cheer to Labor Day weekend with a full slate of holiday music,” Steve Sinicropi, the senior vice president and market manager […]

The Macy’s Parade will go on, but…

The global pandemic has put a pause on a lot of our traditions — for good reason. Some events have figured out ways to go on — including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And organizers plan to take a page from the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks show to help plan the parade. “Everything is […]


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